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  • Ruth Parson Art

    Red Heads

    I really fell in love with this painting. I can't believe I let Cameron take it away from me. One of those regrets, when you think you're making art to...[more]
  • Available Art Works

    Waiter Ordering

    You'd never know it by the looking at this painting, but, the waiter here is an attractive young woman, a real hunny with red hair, blue eyes, classic anglo...[more]
  • En Plein Air

    "Road" - Plein Air Painting

    I had to look up the spelling. Such a lovely activity must certainly be spelled in the French. "Plain Air", not right. I googled. Plein Air, Plein Air, Plein Air, on and on...[more]

p0ps Punk Rock Photos & Stories

    • p0ps vlog

      11 Spring Grand Closing

      The video is a celebration of my estactic experience of seeing the wonderful art which was created on and in the Candle Building at 11 Spring, Nolita...[more]
    • p0ps vox

      Protection from Violence

      It would not be easy to protect all life from violence. Many institutions and attitudes would need to change to effect any improvement...[more]
    • p0ps flickr

      Hyatt Long Beach

      Next to the Convention Center with a Marina View. Heather got a room for the three of us, to help relieve our stress from moving my Dad into Assisted Living...[more]
    • p0ps youTube

      11 Spring Grand Closing

      A personal celebration of the mythic art event, a montage of the art outside and inside the Candle Building, 11 Spring in Nolita...[more]
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